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How to prepare Banku and Tilapia


Fresh large sized Tilapia
Natural spices for seasoning your Tilapia 
(ginger,garlic, rosemary, cloves etc)

Corn dough

Cassava Dough

Salt to taste

Fresh Tomatoes and pepper

Bulb onions


Clean your Tilapia, descale it and spice it with your preferred natural spices. Leave for some minutes for the fish to be well seasoned. Then put on the grill and into the oven. From time to time, be glazing the fish with oil and turning as and when needed so as to not get stuck on the grill or burning, and get well cooked. Keep glazing and turning intermittently until cooked.

Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean before you begin with the banku.
Mix and mash your portions of corn and cassava dough in a pot of water, making sure to take out all lumps and fibre pieces in it. Do this until the mixture is paste-like, with an extremely smooth consistency Add a pinch of salt. Put your paste on fire and stir with your wooden stirrer. Stir gently until it starts to thicken. With time, it gets thicker and thicker and gathers at the bottom of the wooden stirrer. You would have to apply more force here as it gets harder with time. Reduce the heat, hold the pot in place with a napkin or sackcloth and start to beat through with the wooden spoon. Do this for about 6 minutes with brief stops in between. Use the wooden stirrer to create perforations in the thick mass, add water, increase the fire and cover to cook. Check on your banku and make sure the water does not fully dry up. Repeat the kneading process until smooth. When smooth to your satisfaction, use a smaller bowl to shape the banku into preferred serving sizes.

Wash your fresh tomatoes, pepper and bulb onions. Grind as many as you prefer. Add salt to taste.

Serve Banku with grounded pepper and grilled tilapia. You can also have some avocados on the sidelines per your preference.

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